Yizhi Tang

I am currently a senior R&D engineer in Baidu Intelligent Vehicle Business Unit (joined in 2018). I recieved a PhD degree in Computer Appiled Technology from State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University in 2017 and a Bachelor Engineering degree in Computer Science and Technology from Computer Science and Engineering College, South China University of Technology in 2011. During my doctoral candidate times in the CAD&CG lab, my research focuses on computer graphics and VR/AR techniques, including 3D reconstruction, point cloud&mesh processing, numerical optimization. After joining Baidu, my work focuses on Autonomous Vehicles techniques, including multi-sensor fusion, SLAM, camera calibration, Lane&Object Detection, deep learning.



Registar is a point cloud processing software, including functions such as denoising, outlier removing, sub/re-sampling, boundary estimation, pairwise/multiview registration, virtual depth camera etc. [Source Code]


Note: The papers can be used for academic purposes only. All copyrights are reserved by the respective copyright holders.

International Journal and Conference Paper

"Multi-Scale Surface Reconstruction Based on A Curvature-Adaptive Signed Distance Field", Yizhi Tang, Jieqing Feng, Computer&Graphics, Vol. 70, 28-38, 2018. (CAD/Graphics 2017@Zhangjiajie, China).
Available files: [Paper(PDF)] [Presentation] [Executable_VS2010_64bit(RAR)] [Source Code]

International Journal and Conference Paper

"Hierarchical Multiview Rigid Registration", Yizhi Tang, Jieqing Feng, Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 34, Num. 5, 77-87, 2015. (Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2015@Graz, Austria).
Available files: [Paper(PDF)] [Video(MP4)] [Presentation] [Executable_VS2010_64bit(RAR))] [Source Code]

Chinese Journal and Conference Paper

"基于多薄板样条的多视角非刚性配准算法", 唐逸之,罗闪,冉清,康鋆鹏,冯结青《计算机辅助设计与图形学学报》2017年12期2153-2161页 优秀学生论文奖 . (2017·中国计算机辅助设计与图形学大会@天津)
"Multi-view Non-rigid Registration Based on Multiple Thin-plate Splines", Yizhi Tang, Shan Luo, Qing Ran, Junpeng Kang, Jieqing Feng, Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, Vol. 29, Num. 12, 2153-2161, 2017. Outstanding Student Paper (China CAD&CG 2017@Tianjin)
相关文件:[Paper(PDF)] [Presentation(PPTX)]

Chinese Journal and Conference Paper

"一个SPH流体实时模拟的全GPU实现框架", 郭秋雷,唐逸之,刘诗秋,李桂清,《计算机应用与软件》2011年11期69-72页. (2011·中国计算机大会@深圳)
"A Full GPU Implementation Framework of SPH Fluid Real-Time Simulation", Qiulei Guo, Yizhi Tang, Shiqiu Liu, Guiqing Li, Computer Applications and Software, Vol. 28, Num. 11, 69-72, 2011. (China National Computer Congress 2011@Shenzhen)
相关文件: [Paper(PDF)]


"基于GPU的流体模拟", 唐逸之, 华南理工大学,2011届本科毕业论文(优秀毕业设计).
"GPU-based Fluid Simulation", Yizhi Tang, South China University of Technology, Outstanding Undergraduate Graduation Thesis, 2011.
相关文件: [Paper(PDF)] [Video(MP4)] [Presentation(PDF)]


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